Designed in 2015 by A+Z Design Studio this contemporary apartment in Budapest, Hungary, utilizes sparse accessories to accentuate the sharp curvature of the space and draw the eye in.

There are original touches throughout the apartment, such as the radiators and the pipes running from floor to ceiling. The apartment has been staged with a combination of rustic and contemporary materials, showcasing the timelessness of the space.

One disruption to the tranquil design is in the bathroom, where bright turquoise and café au lait-colored tiles break up the monochrome palette. And in the kitchen, where dark grey cabinets offset the egg white tile and a herringbone wooden floor subtly accentuates the cream colored walls.

The bedroom is a soft white, accentuating the sharp curvature of the room and the dramatic ceiling. Tiered arches lead to a corner sleeping nook. A painted hardwood floor in a herringbone pattern is softened by area rugs. A door on the opposite wall leads outside to a small curved white balcony, which overlooks the city’s beautiful architecture.