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3 Features to Look for in a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Every day we are exposed to carbon monoxide gas from the burning of carbon-based fuels including coal, kerosene, natural gases, oil, propane and wood. Typically, this toxic gas would be expelled out of the home through vents, but it doesn’t always happen. The Centers for Disease and Control es…

The Beginner’s Guide to the Best Smart Thermostats

The smart thermostat is the shining example of smart home technology. The best smart thermostats help us live more comfortably in our homes, conserve energy and keep more money in our own pockets. It's a win-win-win.

Things to Consider When Installing Outlets

Don't leave it to your architect to guess where you want outlets. Consider these factors and you'll always have the power you need.

New 2018 Smart Home Technology You Might Want

If you want to keep your home on the cutting edge, we've rounded up a handful of 2018's best smart home technology. Check out the latest ways to make your home smarter.

The Best Robot Vacuums to Buy Now

We spent 30 hours researching manufacturers’ offerings, sourcing what we think are the best robot vacuums on the market. Image Source: BGR We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.  Robotic vacuums…

10 Ways to Utilize Your Smartphone to Control Your Home

Your smartphone is only as good as the apps you have, right? Of course I know there are other components to a quality smartphone than just applications. Things like cameras, Internet connectivity,file storage, or whatever you want to use it for, but when you get ahold of the right applications…

Top 10 Benefits of Automating Your Home

We live in a time unlike any other. With so many technological advancements at our fingertips, our lives are made easier, which is fortunate considering the fast-paced lives most of us lead. In recent years, great strides have been made in making homes a bit more “tech savvy.” This technology,…