This restoration by McGarry-Moon Architects revives a century and a half old Victorian home into an inspiring contemporary residence. The renovation of this hung tiles cottage included an extension, transforming the gatehouse into new living quarters.

Located in Kingston, on the Thames in the UK, this Victorian home is designated as a building of Townscape merit in the Coombe Wood conservation area. Keeping the integrity of the original home, while repairing the decaying gatehouse, was essential. The finished product is a two story addition with a separate garden outbuilding, made accessible by a louvred walkway.

The original tiled facade is striking in its detail. The addition complements this with glass exteriors and subtle detail, allowing the original historic facade to take precedent.

There were environmental considerations; the concrete walls and floors provided more energy efficiency than alternate materials, while a green roof filter pollutants out of water run-off, ensuring it isn’t distributed into the surrounding area.  The mature trees surrounding the reflecting pool were preserved during construction.