It’s no secret that walk-in closets are one of the most valued home features. However, you may be surprised at the lengths we’ll go to for storage space. The State of Stuff in America, a new survey by MakeSpace, polled over 1,000 men and women and found the following:

  • 50% claim they would be willing to be celibate for six months in order to have more closet space
  • Almost 20% said they would take a pay cut for six months in order to have more closet space
  • 51% of all men surveyed said they would be open to gaining 10 pounds for six months in order to have more closet space

This walk-in closet has everything. Image: TerryJ/Getty Images

So, when people are able to create their own walk-in closets, it should come as no surprise that these rooms are over-the-top fabulous and often the most glamorous room in the house. Looking for some ideas of your own? Check out the walk-in closets below and get expert tips on how to create the closet of your dreams.

Emulate the luxury and functionality of a boutique

Create plenty of space for clothes and accessories. Image: urfinguss/Getty Images

“Creating the right type of walk-in closet can be a clincher when it comes time to sell, because a huge, well-organized walk-in closet is a luxurious extra,” says Jonathan Self, a real estate broker for Center Coast Realty in Chicago, IL. “If you have the square footage, make the closet look more like a boutique showroom than a closet. You’ll want a center island to fold and arrange clothing, a makeup table for the lady of the house and plenty of shelving options.”

Incorporate comfortable seating. Image: stevecoleimages/Getty Images

“Walk-in-closets have become a huge design feature in recent times, and clients like their walk-in-closets to feel luxurious,” adds Carla Phillips, an interior decorator based in Melbourne, Australia.  “Natural light and high-end finishes such as woodgrain are important to clients.” Plush textures like velvet and fur are also popular.

Keep storage and organization in mind

Create various types of storage. Image: adventtr/Getty Images

Organization is key when it comes to any closet space, and walk-in closets are no exception. Nicola Croughan, an interior stylist at Blinds Direct in the UK, tells Freshome that one trend is for clothes to be divided by color or use. “Place out-of-season clothing higher up, or pack it away.” In addition, she recommends using storage boxes and labeling them or placing photos in the front for identification. However, her most important advice for keeping your closet aesthetically pleasing is to regularly declutter. “When adding new items, try to remove something else and send it to charity.”

Don’t forget a hamper – or two. Image: dit26978/Getty Images

Make sure to include room for a hamper in your new dream closet, advises Marty Basher, home organization expert for Modular Closets. “It’s one of those details people often forget about when taking stock of their storage needs — but keeping a hamper in the closet not only can help save you trips to the laundry room, it can keep your new space looking tidy.”

Choose the right lighting

Proper lighting can help you match color correctly. Image: TerryJ/Getty Images

Lights are an important part of the design process. “Closets will benefit from a ceiling flush mount or semi-flush mount, but also consider track lighting systems that allow you to aim light where it is needed most,” advises Jeff Emmerson, a Lamps Plus lighting expert.

Show off your personal touches

Let your personality shine. Image: TerryJ/Getty Images

“Designwise, we’re seeing people opt for open concept rather than keeping things closed off by doors,” says Phillips. “We spend a lot of money on our possessions; why shouldn’t we show them off?” She adds that the need for personalization is also driving the trend of glamorous walk-in closets. “People are installing chandeliers, televisions and other features to showcase their style in a space designed specifically for them.”

Are you ready to create your own glamorous clothing retreat? Did any of the walk-in closets above inspire you? Tell us all about it below.