Those Architects converted a late 19th century heritage cottage into a flexible, contemporary home. The four-bedroom residence located in Armidale, Australia, added a generously-sized social zone and a secondary living room. The goal of this project was to create a “set-up” of an outdoor living and entertainment area of 1775 square feet.

“One of our challenges with this house was deciding how to connect the built form to the large garden to the rear,” the developing team explained. “To do that we had to deal with a significant level change between the existing cottage floor and the backyard.” And so visually binding the addition to the heritage building was among the difficult tasks of the project.

The solution was to develop the new extension as a contemporary podium that would anchor the building to the landscape, connecting the cottage to the garden.”This allowed us to respect the old house, essentially leaving it intact and creating a clear distinction between the two architectural forms,” the architects concluded.

Minimalist and highly functional, the extension provides a daily refuge where the family can interact. Large floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light inside, offering an optimum indoor-outdoor connection. [Information provided by Those Architects; Photos by Brett Boardman]