New-York based artist Ray Bartkus creates poignant works of modern art, usually raising powerful questions for the ones who contemplates his projects. This eye-catching wall mural is located in Lithuania (the creator’s mother-land) and offers an interesting visual twist . Have you already guessed it? Intentionally upside-down, the painting is revealed in the neighboring Šešupė River, originally integrated in the artist’s work. From what we’ve read, the original design was planned during the Malonny art festival, an event held in the city of Marijampolė, which unites worldwide artists in developing magical works.

Even though the image above was partially edited to make the experience more powerful, the reflection is clear and passers-by can really enjoy their routine walk more, with this blue image captivating their horizon. The decrepit building seems revitalized and is probably a landmark of the neighborhood by now. Unfortunately we do not know so many details regarding the technique used to do the wall mural (we would love it if you enlightened us). What is yours stand on these type of street art? And how do you feel about integrating the landscape in public art works?