Vietnam-based a21studio took on the challenge of updating an architectural gem in Saigon. Built by Vuong Hong Sen, an academic and famous collector of antiques, this home was known as a local museum.

When the current owner bought it, the building had been abandoned. As a manifest against Western-style homes in the area, she asked the designers to create a gathering place for the extended family. She wanted it to be where she shared her memories and collected artifacts with the kids, and where they could cherish the tradition of the neighborhood.

A common area sits at the core of the residence, allowing the children several places to play and explore. Nature is also part of the design scheme, with live trees adding a fresh ambiance.

The house features furniture and artifacts salvaged by the architect and owner from demolished houses in the area. What do you think of this unique Vietnamese home that grew out of an abandoned Saigon building? [Photos and information provided by a21Studio]