Spreading over 650 square meters, this imposing dream home rises in Mexico City, promises this bustling urban community a modern take on possible lifestyles. Known as Casa Sierra Leona, the home in the colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, just outside Mexico City, has risen is the shape of a modern juxtaposition of volumes. Greenery rising up the walls in the garden creates an ever uplifting feeling of freedom. Floor-to-ceiling windows opening the interiors to the outdoors bomb the eye with inspiring green surroundings that help protect privacy.

A brainchild of José Juan Rivera Río, this wonderful dream home in Mexico City is raised 2,5 meters above street level, encouraging architects to come up with a creative solution to increase space and functionality inside and out. This is how the home was given a courtyard in front and a garden behind. Those who want a dream home in Mexico City will be thrilled to see the interiors unfolding in photos by Nasser Malek Hernández. Seeing Casa Sierra Leona under both natural light during the day and carefully artificial, we can imagine how it would feel like to live there.

Concrete, glass and steel were used to build the frame in which quality materials take central stage. Blurred lines between the interior and exterior create a natural flow through the spaces, up, down and side to side. The flat roof and this wonderful volumetric architecture was inspired by the 1960s modernism. Including a basement accessed from the front facade and leading to the parking lot, this home seems like the perfect solution for urban living in Mexico City. Or maybe you prefer something like this 1960s beach home turned into a spectacular A-Frame residence?