Exploiting the contrasts between opacity and light, architect Jean Verville developed Fahouse, a modern twin dwelling located in Eastern Townships, Canada. Derived from the archetypal figure of the house, the double triangular prism looks like an illustration from a children’s story.

The project was conceived by a couple of young professionals with two children; the cottage refreshes the standards of traditional family homes. It explores the surrounding landscape that is so closely linked to the site. Here, modern design blends with natural elements to allow the family cohabitate seamlessly with the forest.

The architectural deployment of the staircase articulates the ground floor, and continues to grant access to the perched areas of the two houses. “The first, the toddlers’, nestled in the enchanted forest, displays a large bunk bed welcoming friends to share fantastic nights,” the architects said. “A few stairs jump leads to the second, the parents’ house, which looks like a beehive composed of a succession of cells each offering a distinctive ritual.”

In a surprising mirror effect, the master bedroom doubles as a bathroom offering two simple and soothing volumes suspended between earth and sky.  In contrast, the graphic display of the impressive family shower room promises a different experience for daily rejuvenation.

This forest home is modern and minimalistic, but also remains playful, comfortable, and still holds the classic aspects of a cottage that many of us are so fond of. [Photos and information provided by Jean Verville]