This transitional apartment is located in Plaça Catalunya, in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. Designed by Nook Architects, the project makes the most of its location, with generous balcony doors opening up to the city’s eclectic rhythm.

“The customer wanted a spacious dwelling for him as the main occupant during his occasional visits to the city and for hosting his guests,” the architects explained. “The kitchen had to be at the center of it all, serving as a meeting point — more of a gastro bar than a family kitchen. It also had to be complemented by a wine cellar for more than 600 bottles.”

A load-bearing wall was partially brought down to connect the living area with the kitchen. The main bedroom, with an en-suite bath, is close to the entry and opens to the more intimate patio. Adjacent to the guest bedroom and with direct access to the kitchen is the wine cellar, which includes a wooden wine rack and a wine cooler.

A total of ten windows spread throughout the apartment bring abundant natural light inside. To multiply their presence, the architects used mirrored panels in the hallway and in the remaining section of the load-bearing wall that was brought down.

Vaulted, ceramic slabs and iron beams in the ceilings make for a unique design. The color palette in pastel tones combines with warm material finishes to create a friendly ambiance. [Information provided by Nook Architects; photography by Nieve]