Once a mechanics workshop in North Melbourne, Australia, this vibrant venue is currently known as Code Black Cafe, a place encouraging relaxation and interaction. The creative gathering point was envisioned by Australian interiors and architecture firm ZWEI and is described as a home away from home: “The space is a warm tonal interplay of existing spatial elements with natural light and various materials. Howard St encourages customers to sit, stay, play and work within the space by creating a seating zone that wraps around the new centrally positioned double height insertion.”

The purpose of this coffee was to mimic a gathering at a friend’s house. Thus, each corner was designed to inspire comfort and an to invite people to unwind: “While the coffee machine is located front and center, seating nooks tuck around the counter line, even exposing the rear roaster to those positioned deep into the space – a subtle reference to the more serious and coffee centric Code Black in Brunswick. Seating is intentionally wide and comfortable with a focal round dining table generously positioned to the front.” The timber slatted mezzanine caps is the highlight of the entire space, opening up the upstairs area as a long stay work zone. [Photography by Michael Kai]