Paul Cremoux Studio completed Casa Nirau, an upgrade of a two-story family home in Mexico City. The sustainable house offers a flexible lifestyle, merging indoor and outdoor activities.

“The idea was to transition from 2,754-square-foot old construction to 1,937 square feet, using mainly the same program but a different space experience,” the architects explained. “The main living/dining area can be completely open onto the deck, making the relatively small indoor space larger.”

The sitting area, kitchen and dining room are organized in an open plan on the first floor, with bookshelves occupying an entire wall. A terrace that the family can use almost all year long extends the living area behind the home.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are two major attributes of the project. “Rainwater is picked up by the roof and main terrace; it passes through two carbon-activated filters and becomes drinking water,” the architects said. Electricity and natural gas costs are estimated to be $15 per month. [Photos courtesy of Paul Cremoux Studio]