Amsterdam-based studio Cocoon Living transformed a large three-story house into a contemporary home for a travel-loving family. The renovation is part of a larger project that aims to upgrade many of the old buildings surrounding the canals of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

As you step inside, you notice an eclectic mix of furniture and decorations against an immaculate white background. Open spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows give the feeling of a bright home.

The home’s living room breathes elegance and is dotted with seating for the residents to lounge comfortably. In the kitchen, everything revolves around the subtle silhouette of the worktop, created using HI-MACS® natural acrylic stone.

“The exotic and human touch comes from the decorative elements, which provide an opportunity to reflect the family’s passion for travel,” the designers said.

“In this home you will find Versailles Baroque-style chandeliers alongside seashells in the bathrooms for a beach-like feel. Or a mirror, whose spokes recall the sun that warms the African savannah, mixed with a reproduction of a scarlet ibis, a bird indigenous to South America, that is the undisputed star of the living room thanks to its bright orange colour.” Photography by Pam Kat.