Caroline Residence Project in Melbourne, Australia was envisioned by Architecton as two contemporary buildings with an original personality. “Whilst the design must generate dwellings with drama and excitement through the use of scale, volume, elegant materials and clever design, the constructions must be practical and functional with a sense of warmth and comfort”, stateded the architects. A sense of verticality is induced by the street facade, due to imposing tall windows with black frames. The material palette in gray and black enhance soberness and sophistication.

Large expanses of glass open up the house to its environment: “The design responds and takes advantage of the north aspect of the site, in order to create an integrated and exciting relationship between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. This seamless connection is further exemplified with clever use of landscaping. Whilst the vision is to create a well-designed and considered medium density residential development, which maximizes the potential of the site, the project remains sensitive to the existing streetscape and character of the surrounding area.” Harmonizing with the exterior, the contemporary design scheme of the house pays tribute to an elegant black, white and gray color palette. [Photography courtesy of Architecton]