This small apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, boasts a lot of character and an interesting layout. Designed by Conseil Brasil for a young couple, the 829-square-foot crib is a makeover of a home that originally had two bedrooms.

“The walls of the smaller bedroom were demolished to provide more space for the master suite and a flexible social area, which integrates the living and dining room and a small home office,” the designers say. “The kitchen, which was already integrated to the environment, was improved by adding high-end finishing materials.”

Curtains were used to divide the office and living space from the kitchen and dining areas. Colorful accents throughout the living areas add a playful touch to the design scheme. The serene bedroom is all white in order to enrich the sense of space. 

“Previously a second bathroom, the toilet walls are covered by wallpaper,” the designers say. “The shower was maintained but hidden by a discreet black glass door.” Storage space also was cleverly hidden throughout the home. Enjoy the virtual tour! [Photography by Marcelo Scandaroli]