Shukhov stool by designer duo Anna Strupinskaya & Alexey Ivashkevich is a tribute to famous Russian architect Vladimir Shukhov’s tower in Russia. Built in Moscow in the early 1920s, the Shukhov tower is a special structure consisting of a series of hyperboloid sections stacked on top of one another to approximate an overall conical shape.

Vladimir Shukhov`s tower in Moscow

The tower is famous for its diagrid structure that enables it to withstand great loads. Anna Strupinskaya & Alexey Ivashkevich decided to apply the same constructive principle to a furniture object.

The Shukhov stool is assembled from 24 structural wooden elements. All the joints for the small chair are 3D-printed. The ingenious furniture piece can be assembled and reassembled from flat details many times. It takes approximately 10 minutes to fix the stool.

Anna & Alexey provide different tops for the object – from a version handmade from corks, or a strap fixed top to different color felt pillows. Thanks to its playfulness and versatility, the stool can be integrated in a variety of contemporary interiors. How do you like it? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Anna Strupinskaya & Alexey Ivashkevich]