Apartment Joaquim was recently upgraded by the creative team at RSRG Architects and displays an intriguing open layout. The project is located in a 1950s-era building in São Paulo, Brazil. 

“After the demolition of some walls and placement of structural reinforcements, the apartment layout turned out almost completely free of physical boundaries,” the architects said. The renovation took four months.

The eclectic, 750-square-foot home features an open-plan area that includes living, dining, kitchen and office spaces. A blue box separates the social zone from the bedroom and bathroom. This unconventional element also offers storage space and can be accessed from multiple sides.

One of the key elements of the renovation was to remove the original ceiling and expose the roof structure. This added volume and originality to the project. Enjoy the details that give personality to this São Paulo apartment! [Information provided by RSRG Architects; photography by Fran Parente]