Surrounded by a forest in the suburbs of Berlin, this rustic apartment by Loft Szczecin is a breath of fresh air. The home, in a Mediterranean-style building, is the result of an extensive restoration project.

“Before starting the work, huge amounts of garbage had to be removed from all of the rooms,” the developers say. “The walls required drying and restoration. Bricks and planks were laid over the entire surface of the floor.”

Displaying a mix of raw materials throughout, the place has a charming industrial feel. The overall design is described by the architects as “a little eccentric, mysterious and elegant.” The furniture, lamps and rugs come from Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic; some pieces are 50 to 60 years old.

Renovated primarily for use during summer vacations and special family occasions, the rustic apartment features a spacious yet homey kitchen. Another highlight is the outdoor terrace, which includes a large dining table and plenty of seating options. [Photography by Karolina Bak]