Pampa House is a modern residence embedded in a rocky landscape in Pocho, Córdoba, Argentina. The project was designed by owner Mariana Palacios as a private nature retreat.

“The main idea is that visitors can see a black point in the horizon and can differentiate the house’s strong geometric shape from the rock massifs,” Palacios said. “The black color of the sheet metal [contrasts with] the organic hues of the field.”

The structure and design of the home were influenced by the cold, dry and windy weather conditions, as well as its isolated location. “An industrial construction system was chosen in order to allow an easier transport of the materials used,” Palacios said.

As neither water nor electricity were available in the remote area, inhabiting the home was possible with the help of a special water-pumping system and the harvesting of solar energy.

The interior design is minimalist and the color palette, in neutral tones, is a reference to the harsh environment. Two patios allow opportunities for spending time outdoors. [Photography by Gonzalo Viramonte]