Ingeniously crafted by the team at Lang Architecture, this Hudson Woods retreat is part of a larger residential project located 100 miles away from New York and including 26 modern and energy efficient homes. This project seeks to open doors to rediscovering the things that matter: family, nature, freedom, and long-forgotten passions. With an emphasis on responsible land use, including active forest management and on-site agriculture, Hudson Woods aims to nurture and protect the extraordinary natural beauty of the region.

A contemporary living alternative to the bustling city, Hudson Woods is a place where one can find peace and do it elegantly. Here is an excerpt from the official description provided by the project developers: “Humble and private upon approach, the simple vernacular house form fits sensitively into the topography of each site. Once inside, expansive views to the surrounding landscape are framed through custom mahogany windows.

The interior is modern and warm, with an abundance of local white oak surfaces and details. Throughout the home, craft is on display from solid wood doors with sand cast bronze hardware to custom freestanding kitchen island and pantry units produced in collaboration with local craftsmen”. This place pretty much suits our vision of a charming nature retreat.