Parsonson Architects were behind the redesign of Matai House, a welcoming family home in Wellington, New Zealand. The early 1900’s villa had a simple layout, with rooms situated on each side of a central hallway and a bathroom area in the back. A better connection between interiors was needed, as well as a larger living space and two more bedrooms for a growing family.

Challenged by this brief, the architects decided to divide the house into two living quarters: the old house and the new, contemporary extension.

As you can see in the photo gallery below, the addition has a well-defined personality: “To accentuate this difference and to connect the house with the sunny rear part of the section we created a series of concrete platforms with wooden steps between creating a new elevated family living space leading up to a larger sunnier rear courtyard.

We placed the two new bedrooms and a bathroom above the new living space. The roofs and outer walls of the extension are created in the same corrugated color steel as the old house, but are folded to suit the functions they enclose and dodge the WCC building envelope”, the architects explained. Situated at the end of the villa hallway, the new living room is flooded with natural light due to extensive glazing. [Photos by Paul McCredie]