Several entrepreneurs in Guizhou Province, China, decided to join efforts to rehabilitate an old printing plant that was built in the 1950s. They challenged the creative team at FON Studio to transform two of the six existing buildings on the plot into unique cultural spaces.

The overall project is known as Town Folktales and so far consists of the rehabilitated Depot A and Depot B, each with its own design personality. These two massive venues serve as spaces for reception, dining, reading and painting.

Depot B consists of a children’s activity space for gatherings, reading and painting. The space is beautifully designed, with arching units creating a playful atmosphere. This venue is meant to trigger imagination and creativity. The simple color palette (in wood grain and white) offers a protective, hospitable experience.

Depot A (photos below) offers a slightly different experience. A massive rectangular door leads visitors into the creative building. The array of textures (glass, brick, wood, cement flooring) makes for an intriguing flow through the intertwined spaces. There are various functional areas, each with its own character. Light is cleverly brought indoors with the help of large windows and skylights. Photography: FON Studio