The Greek island of Santorini is often associated with fulfilling escapes. Cycladic architecture, whitewashed walls, endless views of the sea and beautiful sunsets make this land surreal. Porto Fira Suites is a tantalizing retreat that reflects the personality of the island.

The resort (envisioned by Interior Design Laboratorium) features 13 cave-like apartments, built with local materials and displaying organic shapes. A whole new universe seems to unveil when faced with these smooth curves and beautiful arched windows overlooking the caldera.

All the rooms’ interiors are spacious and comfortable, each with its own private veranda.¬†Wooden beams and traditional carpets make for subtle elements of design. Only the essential furniture was added: a chair here, a small desk there. This minimalist approach emphasizes the natural shape of the rooms and shifts attention toward the magical outdoors.

When staying here, guests have access to open-air dining, on the rooftop restaurant and terrace facing the Aegean Sea. An indoor spa and a refreshing infinity pool complete the image of a promising stay. Photography by Giorgos Sfakianakis