Rock River House in Rockton, Illinois, USA is a modern residence completed by Bruns Architecture in a scenic environment. The new building is located near the bend of a meandering river and next to a forest preserve. Views have been maximized so that the inhabitants could feel as close to nature as possible during their daily living rituals. According to the architects, the house is assembled “from a collection of stepping volumes that recall the nearby crescent shaped waterfall edge.” While the street facade is seemingly composed of enclosed wooden boxes, the opposite side opens up towards the river through large expanses of glass.

All interiors are defined by variety of texture, an abundance of natural light and a perfect connection with the outdoors: “Once inside, a scenic view is framed by wooden millwork elements. As circuitous as the river below, a ribbon of mahogany weaves the two levels of the space together. Beginning in the sunlit conservatory, the wood band continues over the kitchen and entry before wrapping down to become a folded wood stair that ascends to the art studio and terrace above. Commanding views of the flora and fauna inspire the owner’s own artwork.” [Photos by Tricia Shay Photography]