Passage of Landscape in Toyota, Japan is a private home designed by Achitect ihrmk near a terraced paddy field. The clients wanted a home that would allow them to wake up to the peaceful sounds of nature. Functionally, the brief required plenty of storage space to fulfill their daily needs: “I did not want to design unsociable utopia nor a symbol of the scenery; I wanted to create the house which can participate to the flow of natural its environment. Accordingly, I decided to make passages from south to north on the first floor and from east to west on the second floor“, explained architect Ihara Masaki Kayo.

The bottom level accommodates a front room and living area extended by wooden deck and garden. Three gate-shaped frames which compose wall, floor and ceiling are layered in tiers by 650mm (2.13ft) for each direction:I feel that this house becomes a passage of landscape which can feel difference of light, wind, sound and width of the sky depending on each space”, concluded the architect. A connection to the dining room and the reading zone on the second floor is achieved through the gap of the south side frame. [Photos by: Hiroshi Ueda]