Recently designed by Envelope Architects, House at Poh Huat Road is a private home in Singapore displaying an original architecture. The client’s brief requested a perfect indoor-outdoor connection, coupled with an organic feel of the building: “Hence, the scheme not only has to bring the outside in but also create a controlled disorder in the tight space. By inserting a central void, the design creates a light well that enables the creation of internal facades, allowing the architects to express a series of deliberately misaligned volumes that peer into this central courtyard”, explained the architects.

This tight space was cleverly reinvented, offering a complex living experience: “The design makes use of oblique walls to enhance the illusion of entropy within a confined space. The oblique, as opposed to a straightforward recess, is a compromise between achieving a crucial visual effect and usable space. The strategy of dissociation is similarly applied vertically, creating deliberate level changes that are experienced as part of the circulation in the house, contributing to the overall formal diversity.” As you enter, it becomes clear that this home is developed vertically, yet all the spaces are welcoming and dynamic. [Photos courtesy of Envelope Architects]