Overlooking Lake Vichuquén, in Maule Region, Chile, RP House by CMA Arquitectos was developed longitudinally, in order to capture various perspectives of the landscape. According to the architects, its main volume is defined as a large pavilion, “a body that rests quietly on the territory, mimicking the slope and vegetation. All the stillness of this body is eroded on its roof, which folds into different prisms which capture the overhead light and views of the treetops, bringing inside the spatial perception of living in a forest.” A corridor terrace runs along the length of the dwelling, offering opportunities for quality family moments outdoors.

A rustic vibe is exuded by the interiors, which seem to play with light and visual perspectives: “Internally, each space builds its own atmosphere, in a wooden enclosure that traverses floors, walls and roof, until getting lost in the ceiling. A concrete structure intersects the wooden pavilion in the rear, as a longitudinal volume with opaque walls and voids that contain within them all the wet program of the house: bathrooms and kitchen, where each enclosure opens to a light courtyard contained within its walls.” Any thoughts on this unconventional home design in Chile? [Photos by: Sebastian Aedo / Estudio Apulso]