This small, one-room apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, is incredibly well planned. With the home at just about 344 square feet (32 square meters), it features a fully equipped kitchen and spacious living room that doubles as a sleeping area.

A small entrance hallway guides you toward each entertainment space, while the light gray walls brighten up the place and perfectly complement the wooden floors. The living room is large enough to accommodate an extendable sofa, reading corner and bed. Plus, the vintage bench and stools add a charming touch to the interior.

It’s a known fact that Swedes love flowers, which is probably why this apartment is sprinkled with plant stands — all the more reason to fall in love with this place!

The kitchen has an array of storage options that make it extremely practical, but it still has a cozy feel. The window offers a lovely view of the building’s inner courtyard, where residents can relax and unwind during warm summer days. Despite the small size of the apartment (discovered by Freshome on Alvhem), the exquisite planning makes it spacious enough for two people to live here.