Designer Christi Azevedo of Azevedo Design converted an old laundry boiler room in California, USA into a charming guest apartment. The project was achieved by adding height to the original brick volume, which makes the exterior appearance stand out. Despite a floor area of approximately 93 square feet (about 9 square meters), this clever small home includes a full kitchen, living zone, bedroom and bathroom. The array of indoor natural materials like wood and brick makes the crib feel dynamic and welcoming.

According to the designer, the place has everything you could wish for in a comfortable home: “Up the ships’ ladder is a mezzanine dressing area with built-in walnut wardrobe and drawers. a 42″ square bath has a wall mount toilet, custom stainless steel medicine cabinet, small sink supplied by a shower valve, and floor drain for showering. a sandblasted door and window keep it light and spacious. A tread and a glass landing lead to the bed loft with queen mattress, storage in hinged headboards, bookshelves, and reading lamps.” Be sure to have a look at the last photos of the post for a better idea on how this home is organized! Find it as creative as we do? [Photography: Cesar Rubio]