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Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? As 2017 goes out, so do some outdated styles and old trends. After careful review of what the international furnishings shows, top interior designers and home magazines all have to say, here are the latest modern home design trends of what’s in store for 2018 — and why you should add them to your design to-do list for 2018.

Design resolution 1: I will add more color to my home

Adding bright-color decor to your neutral room is a quick and easy way to create a vibrant space. Image: JRP Design and Remodel

Designers and magazines across the board are calling for more color for 2018 and beyond. Although monochromatic white and grey spaces will always have a place in contemporary design, adding splashes of color by using accessories or paint is an easy and quick way to modernize a home.

Design resolution 2: I will do something about that blank wall

A trio of colorful wall panels fill up an empty white wall. Image: Alan Design Studio

Minimalism is cool, but cold, blank walls with no personality aren’t. With all the new options in removable wallpaper, even a renter can do something new and different. Besides wallpaper and paint, here are some other ways you can liven up a blank wall:

Design resolution 3: I will simplify the bedroom

An understated modern bedroom with minimal furniture and clutter makes it restful and relaxing. Image: Ambience Home Design

Traditional is no longer the most popular design style — contemporary design is. The clean lines and uncluttered feeling is more peaceful and relaxing. Try to make your bedroom more contemporary — the new look will feel inviting and you may even get better rest without all the distractions from clutter, objects and furniture around you.

Ways you can make use of contemporary design principles and simplify the bedroom include:

  • Keep only essential furniture in your bedroom like a bed, nightstand or two and a bench or daybed.
  • Move the dresser into the closet or hallway.
  • Move the TV and other electronics to another room.
  • Keep decor and personal objects on display in the bedroom to a minimum.

Design resolution 4: I will upgrade my lighting

This living room features table lamps and a dramatic ceiling lamp. Image: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Modern, energy-efficient lighting is more affordable than ever. And in most cases, with the help of someone with electrical knowledge, replacing old and outdated lighting fixtures is an easy DIY project. Ways you can upgrade your lighting include:

  • Replace old light bulbs with modern LED or fluorescent versions. Choose light bulbs that replicate natural sunlight by looking for their color temperature rating. At or above 4,500 is closest to daylight.
  • Make sure all rooms you use regularly have two lighting options: overhead and a table or floor lamp.
  • Replace old light fixtures with modern LED styles.

Design resolution 5: I will cozy up my home

A plush velvet in a rich indigo, paired with the throw blanket, pillows and rug create a high-end and incredibly comfortable living room. Image: Cassoni

The international furniture fairs featured the return of soft, inviting fabrics like velvet, microsuede and more. Sparse is out and luxuriously cozy is in, so add soft throws, a silky rug, a new accent chair in a plush fabric or splurge on luxurious microfiber bedding that’s soft to the touch.

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