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We like to say Dyson is like the Apple of home gadgets. They’ve managed to take some of the most ordinary household products (like a vacuum or a blow dryer) to the next level. Sleek design, simplicity and innovative technology make everyday tasks like cleaning a little more interesting. Who would have thought a vacuum or fan could be… sexy?

This year is special for Dyson as Sir James Dyson, the soft-spoken, grey-haired guy in the commercials, hands the reigns of his company to his son, Jake. Jake is now the company’s Chief Engineer and he’s got some fresh ideas.

Here are four new Dyson products available now that are, as always, revolutionizing the home:

1. Lightcycle, $600 – $900

The Lightcycle lamp’s bulb is set to last 60 years. All images courtesy of Dyson.

The Lightcycle is a color-temperature-adjusting task light that adapts its brightness according to the ambient daylight. Jake Dyson’s thinking behind a light that adapts to its surroundings is that it could reduce eye strain and help our bodies transition throughout the day. He explains, “Our bodies can be influenced by daylight’s changing spectrum of color and brightness. So our new light adjusts with the daylight where you live.”

A Dyson Link smartphone app allows you to schedule different modes and set your wake and sleep times. Then, the lamp’s brightness will gradually adjust to help you sleep or wake up. A USB-C port on the side of the lamp is there for charging your phone or other devices. And Dyson claims the bulb will last 60 years, so it looks like you won’t be needing any new lamps or bulbs any time soon.

Lightcycle is available as a desk or floor version in silver or black.

2. Pure Cool Me, $350

The dome can be adjusted to direct airflow where you need it.

This is both a fan and air purifier. Dyson calls it a personal purifying fan. To cool off, you can adjust the dome position to get a purified stream of cool air to wash over you. The quiet yet powerful fan and sealed HEPA filter ensure you’ll breathe pure, allergen-free air. As with all Dyson products, the design is very different and works very well. The machine can rotate from side to side and you can set it to run as long as you’d like.

3. Supersonic Hair Dryer 23.75 Karat Gold, $500

The combination of Yves Klein blue and real gold is only available for a limited time.

The hairdryer isn’t all-new, but the stunning color combo is a limited edition release for this year. You’ll be seeing a lot of this blue tone, named Yves Klein blue. Paired with actual 24-karat gold, this hairdryer looks like it belongs in a museum more than on your bathroom counter.

What makes this blow dryer so revolutionary? The motor spins six times faster than other blow dryers, but it’s only a third of the weight and half the size you’d expect.

4. V11 Torque Drive Vacuum, $700

The new V11 Torque Drive Vacuum may be understated, but it’s powerful.

The vacuum made Dyson famous and they aren’t resting on their laurels anytime soon. Their latest is lightweight (less than 7 lbs.), cordless and features an LCD screen control panel that counts down the vacuum’s battery life. You’ve got 60 minutes of vacuuming time on one charge, if you’re curious.

There are very helpful troubleshooting videos that can be played on the screen to help you figure out why your Dyson may be acting funny. This smart vacuum also adjusts automatically to carpet or wood floors, thanks to the Dynamic Load Sensor.