This comfortable and stylish family home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina received major environmentalist cred recently by going net positive.  Architect Arielle Condoret Schechter said that the home was producing $22 more energy per month than it consumed at the time of her report on the project.

Kevin Murphy both owns this home and runs the construction company that built it.  He offered some additional details about net positive family life, including their ability to eat food grown or raised on the property’s 4.3 acres of land.  They hope to buy an electric car to round out their healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The environmental design is powered by a 7.9 kW solar array.  It also uses the energy efficient Build Equinox CERV for air flow.  This system dehumidifies incoming fresh air before bringing it into the home, as well as allows the home owner to set more air quality controls.

Photos of the interior showcase how green living can be done in a familiar family atmosphere. The main floor uses an open concept with a large, rustic kitchen with exposed beams running across the ceiling that flows naturally into its comfortable living room.  The home also has a large covered porch for nice weather. [Photography and information provided by Arielle Condoret Schechter and Newphire Building]