The house was built in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a historic neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain. Designed and constructed by Josep Ferrando in 2014, the limitations on the project were clear before construction broke ground.

First, the ground for the project was deeply uneven, with the plot located between two streets of completely different heights. The lot is hemmed in by other buildings on either side, making the usable ground no wider than 5 meters in some places. The historic nature of the buildings surrounding the lot meant that the facade and roof had to be preserved.

But much like restrictions in other forms of art, the limitations to this project proved the source of inspiration.

First, concrete blocks were inserted in the narrow lot between the two buildings. Wooden structures adapted to the uneven topography, filling in the available gaps to create storage and living space. The length of the walls gives a sense of expansiveness, while the slightly offset floors creates a dramatic visual cross section, allowing light to filter to the ground level and creating a sense of openness in this 225 square meter space.