Israelevitz Architects shared with us photos and information about The Hidden House, a modern family residence completed in Tel Aviv, Israel. A square plot, relatively small for the program’s requirements, has dictated the structure’s concept: a ground floor with maximal openness and lightness, an accentuated interior-exterior connection, which enables enjoying the pool and the exterior seating areas which are connected to the structure.

The required privacy was achieved through a mysterious façade, with only clues of cracks of light breaking through it. Geometrically, the structure is very clean and the cube of the first floor hovers over the ground floor. The main purpose to create drama between the two volumes – upper and lower – was intensified through the use of thinner support columns made of iron, as well as painting the entire cube black. The drama effect is prominent and creates interesting light games during day and night.

In order to intensify the interior-exterior merger, connect the two floors and create a house that is not alienating, a space was planned which goes outside and crosses the structure, from the entrance hall to the living space and along the stairs. This way, there is eye contact between the residents. Three levels were planned: the entrance floor was designed for the social interactions in the house, a dining room and a living room, when the kitchen constitutes an integral part. The stairs to the parents unit and little child’s bedroom were attached to an external wall, and at the basement floor a screening room was planned next to the living units of the two other children. [Photos and information provided via e-mail  by Israelevitz Architects]