Downsizing from your home to another home can be a daunting task. Whether you are moving from a large home into a smaller one, or an apartment, deciding what to keep or toss can be challenging. Depending on your reasons for moving: financial, passing of a loved one, or going off to college, moving can be made easier with planning. Here are some helpful tips to help you downsize from your home.

SIZE OF YOUR NEW HOME: Knowing how much space, and storage will be in your next home can help you in assessing your personal belongings. If you have the opportunity to visit the home, take pictures, and measurements of the rooms and closet areas. When you can start planning out the space of your new home’s goals, it will save you mental and emotional stress when packing.

ASK FOR HELP: Downsizing can be an enjoyable time for some, and an emotional time for others. If you’re college bound, ask parents or friends to help you pack and determine what you REALLY need for your smaller space. If you are coping with the passing of a loved one, ask a family member to help you assess, donate, and pack your loved one’s belongings. If you won’t be able to see your new home in advance, ask for help from a landlord, relatives, or even Realtors often have helpful resources to make your move easier.

TIME: If you are fortunate to have adequate time before your move, use it to your advantage. Use this time to declutter and organize your present belongings. Throw a garage sale, donate items to charity, churches, or sell items that will not be used in your new home.  If you don’t have a lot of time, consider having a friend or family member house your furniture, or large items that you can’t bring. Renting a storage facility is also an option if you don’t have time to downsize your belongings.  Often times the option to store items while you move lets you get use to your new place, and make formal decisions in the future.

STAY POSITIVE: Moving homes can be a life changing event. The attitude that you possess as you transition will help you think clearer, and will help you plan for the future.  Make sure and bring personal mementos that will remind you of your past to your new home.  If you aren’t familiar with the area you’re moving to, go online and research the city and all the amenities it has to offer.  You never know, this move may change your life for the better!

Freshome readers, have you ever had to downsize from a home? If so, share with us your tips and comments on what helped you and the lessons that you learned.  Moving is easy for some and a struggle for others, leave us your tips and tricks!