All images courtesy of Freelandbuck. All photography by Eric Staudenmaier.

New York-based architectural practice Freelandbuck completed the design of Second House, a contemporary residence in Los Angeles, California. Built around a central courtyard, the construction features both open and enclosed spaces that complement each other.

“Even though the program is articulated as separate volumes, the interior and exterior spaces are woven together into a single, visually continuous living space,” the architects said. “Transitions and thresholds are emphasized by an alternating arrangement of material surfaces. This creates a series of dramatically different spaces integrated into a single environment.”

Step inside and you see an abundance of natural light, which creates an overall feeling of freshness. Minimalist furniture arrangements and bright-colored lighting units add to the creativity of the interiors.

“Each room of the house is expressed as a distinct block paired with a corresponding exterior space (two entry alcoves and a balcony overlooking the courtyard) carved from the buildable footprint,” the architects added. “The house strikes a balance between volumetric distinction and spatial continuity. Moreover, it creates an environment in constant modulation, whether by natural and artificial light, the opening of doors and windows or the configuration of furniture.”

See more of Second House in the virtual gallery below.