Spreading over a total area of 2,200 square feet, this modern Malibu residence stands its ground on a severely sloped hillside thanks to an architecture that seems . This key element was both a curse and a blessing, pushing Patrick Tighe Architecture to design a home “re-envisioned for the 21st century” in Malibu, California. Known as the Montee Karp Residence, it barely hints to its former situation as “an existing post-and-beam home in need of a structural, programmatic and environmental upgrade.”

Now “a grand entry door made of a stainless steel tube frame marks the threshold into the relatively small house. The 10’ high door makes use of a hydraulic pivot and a concealed magnetic locking device.”

The Montee Karp Residence unfolds under our eyes thanks to a combination of photos by Art Gray Photography and Bran Arifin Photography. Seeing the home showcase a sustainable material palette presented in a warm and inviting way gives us hope for the future. The architecture is nothing shy of courageous:

The existing roof geometry is accentuated creating a language of faceted surfaces. The articulated volume of the building’s front facade extends indoors to define the interior spaces, resulting in a dematerialization of the roof, wall and floor planes. A forced perspective is created, framing the extraordinary views out to the Santa Monica Bay. The minimal, gallery-like living space is designed to accommodate the client’s extensive collection of contemporary art. Display niches, lighting and the configuration of the spaces are planned to enhance the experience of viewing the art.”

Working with Bancroft Construction on metalwork and with Funtime Cabinetry Factory on the woodwork, architects imagined a living space that offers the best mixture of technology and natural sunlight to create astounding effects in all spaces. “The stair has cantilevering steel treads, each with a custom laser-cut pattern. Light from the skylight above filters through the perforated stair to project an ever-changing texture of shadow and light, enlivening the walls and floor.”

Adding a 5kW photovoltaic system and adapting it to provide for the owner’s electrical vehicle was just one of this modern Malibu home’s upgrades. Alongside energy efficient building systems and Terrazzo flooring with hydronic radiant heating, this upgrade opens new possibilities far beyond visual appeal. Now let’s head over to another remarkable home in Patrick Tighe’s portfolio – the Tigertail Residence parading a spectacular diagonal cantilevered roof that further accentuates the architect’s attraction to bold design.