Designed by Kari Demond of Austin-based KLM Interiors, this modern Hawaiian house we’re about to dive into was imagined as cradling an inspiring lifestyle. Expansive ocean views create a direct connection to the coastal landscape, reflected through almost every window in the home. A modern space flavored with Hawaiian details and influences from cultures clashed into a coastal property was imagined from details:

Several pieces reflect the Pacific Rim’s melding of Asian, Japanese, Javanese and Balinese cultures, such as the abaca, rattan and wood dining buffet reminiscent of oriental styles.”

Residence 5602 at Montage Residences Kapalua Bay is a 3 bedroom, 3,5 bathroom residence in Maui, Hawaii. This all sounds like too many numbers, but the number you need to remember is the modern Hawaiian house’s price. Offered at $4,900,000, the inspiring residence was sent to us via email.

Designer Kari Demond was kind enough to include a few words about the inspiration and design solutions. Knowing what to look at is very important when it comes to understanding the site-specific, culture-inspired design: “Furnishings were designed to complement island living by being both beautiful and functional. Fabrics were selected to be durable enough to withstand sand and wet swimsuits. Native hardwoods such as teak, chamcha and acacia help bring the island feel indoors, but are also naturally resistant to the effects of sea air and humid weather conditions.”

Designer Kari Demond also gives us a background of her work and points out key design elements: “Traditional “Hawaiiana” is known for its bright color and wit, but can sometimes also be considered kitschy. For this residence, Kari Demond brought a studied contemporary sensibility to the interiors while still respecting the Island’s culture and heritage. The interiors are strongly tied to Hawaii, yet reflect Montage’s signature sophistication.”

Traditional and contemporary details meet in a space imagined to be not only functional, but aesthetically attractive. For example, “to showcase the dining room’s floor-to-ceiling windows, Kari chose curved, Plantation-style dining chairs paired with a streamlined, white lacquer table that together provide a clean line of sight to the Pacific.” Natural light plays an important role, as do the ever-changing cloud landscape floating above the ocean. Sometimes, they feel like merging with the earth and creating a continuous flow that invites outdoors.

The designer’s background allowed for this home to transpose a deep love for cultural heritage: “Kari studied Polynesian culture before beginning her design work, incorporating lessons from Silla Kaina, the onsite Cultural Ambassador for Montage Kapalua Bay. The cultural influence is evident throughout the residence, such as the antique stick paintings of Hawaiian symbols replicated on custom wall coverings. Kai – the Hawaiian word for ocean – is represented by several shades of blue, green and aqua woven throughout the home. Accents of dark espresso and creamy white reflect the skin of the Kukui tree nut and its nutmeat. Together, the colors evoke the abundance of nature surrounding the residence and the serene calm of the Pacific Ocean visible from almost every window.”