Rising in a new neighborhood in Cassà de la Selva, Girona, Spain, this modern family home is known as “Casa en Cassà”. From outside, its bold architectural language hints towards the carefully manicured interiors. Architects Ricard Galiana and Yago Oliva imagined an impressive space, where light creates geometric games at different times of day and sunshine accompanied meals, time spent with family and friendly encounters.

Balancing the concrete appearance presented on the facade, main social areas are bright and comfortable. This mixture of raw concrete, glass and the Mangas Rug and Pouff designed by Patricia Urquiola make the double-height living room a perfect place for both entertaining and relaxing.

Spreading over 580 square meters, interiors designed by Georgina Figueras attract attention with a high degree of transparency. Natural light floods the spaces, creating a permanent connection to the beauty of the ever-changing outdoors. Photographs by Nani Pujol surprise the home from different angles, making it easy to observe the slightly sloped terrain shaping the architecture. Working with 1 million Euros as a budget, architects imagined a modern family home on two levels facing south, where the family would feel at home.

According to the architects, “the main rooms are distributed along a single floor divided in two concrete blocks –“night and day areas”– , with a double-height living room and a mezzanine creating a transparent space connecting both blocks. The two blocks offer the needed degree of privacy to each space while taking into consideration the private views, the street, the forest and the solar orientation. The northern backyard provides a pedestrian access in contact with the forest. The south porch-terrace faces the swimming pool.”

Upstairs spaces were reserved for main social areas, private quarters and the alluring swimming pool where entertainment and panoramic views converge. Underneath, the garden and parking areas create the lower level. Let’s take a short tour of the modern family home to observe details like the mezzanine level with glass railings drawing light deep inside or the scarcity of furniture making the space appear aired and cozy.