Defined by simplicity and a powerful connection to its green surroundings, the Dunrobin Shore modern family home was envisioned by Christopher Simmonds Architect as being a personal oasis near a crowded urban fabric. A unique custom home design was envisioned by the architect as shaping a private heaven for the family living here, a cluster of spaces adapted for a modern family lifestyle.

Bright and airy, easy to navigate and in permanent visual contact with the green outdoors of Dunrobin, Ottawa, the modern Canadian home showcases a blend of modesty and simplification few homes provide. “To the river, a continuous wall of glass spans the living, dining and kitchen space allowing a full panorama of the passing seasons.”

There’s no doubt this home is ravishing in both its simplicity and the effect which it has to make the most of views, space, and functionality. Away from the water, the view is framed by a simple porch. The porch roof has been opened to create space from nature, a single Japanese maple which stands out amongst simple black stained cedar cladding of the house. The garage volume is differentiated from the house by a cladding of gray cement board. To the river, the simple cantilevered form of the deck is surrounded by frameless glass.

The porch and deck, occurring opposite each other, stretch the space of the living room out into an experience of the landscape and provide varied options for sun, shade, shelter, and view. The attention to detail alongside a remarkable mix of natural and industrial materials create a soothing effect. Bamboo stair treads complement polished concrete floors on the lower level, while bamboo flooring and cabinetry flood the master suite with warmth.