Modern cottage design can make you rethink your perspective on solitude. This modern family cottage with dark framed windows captures expansive views of the forest around. Built on a steep cliff’s edge, the Val-des-Monts Cottage in the Gatineau hills of Canada captures arresting views of the nearby lake. Children will definitely learn to respect nature and enjoy its ever-changing beauty.

This modern lakeside family cottage imagined by Christopher Simmonds Architect stands on a stone platform that supports its smart inverted floor-plan.

Boasting cantilevered family spaces upstairs, the home gathers stunning views of the surroundings. Private spaces were neatly tucked away in the land, resting on the sinuous lines of the landscape. Entering from the forest side, you move along the pathway into the home only to discover arresting lake views beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows.

White oak boards were used on the floor and walls to create a warm and comfortable setting. On the outside, the modern cottage design showcases dark frames on the windows, while the interiors are bright and cheery with matching white frames on windows. Dressed in white cedar cladding, the modern cottage design impresses with every turn you take. Photos by Doublespace Photography showcase the abruptness of the land and glimpses of the warm interiors basked in sunlight.

We can see details like slabs of silver maple shaping the bathroom vanity or the way light filtered by the forest caresses the interiors and creates a close connection to the outdoors. Cool air rising from the lake naturally ventilates interiors, rising the physical comfort level to match the attractive visual appeal. If you liked this modern cottage design and want to see more, check out this modern cottage rising on old heirloom cottage grounds in Quebec, it boasts inspiring elements you will fall in love with.