A spiral three-story concrete addition designed by Christian Wassmann was added to the 1930’s Sun Path House in Miami Beach, Florida. The unique design of this modern bungalow was created to allow ample natural light and take advantage of the sun path as it changes over the course of the year — the curved wall of the roof terrace maps out the path of the sun on a summer solstice.

A plethora of materials were used, including concrete, terrazzo, Carrara marble, walnut, aluminum, and natural vegetation. The addition is separate from the main house and consists of a dining area on the ground level, a second-story master bedroom and a roof deck on the third story.

The top two levels were designed for privacy with both the master suite and roof deck covered in vines. The master bedroom also features a concrete curved wall that wraps around a circular bed, concealing the open bathroom located behind it. The concrete wall extends to the roof deck, complete with concrete sauna, where it radiates heat and provides shelter from the wind. [Photography by Casey Kelbaugh and Todd Eberle]

What do you think of this addition to this modern bungalow?