The price of the average movie ticket is $9.16, according to the National Association of Theater Owners. If you add popcorn, drinks and candy and multiply the total amount by three or more people, it’s not hard to understand why media rooms are growing in popularity.

When you watch a movie in your own home, you’re surrounded only by people you love – or at least kinda-sorta like. Plus, you get the ability to start the movie when it’s convenient for you. Enjoy all that while eating and drinking to your heart’s desire at no additional costs – who wouldn’t want a media room? If you need additional inspiration to create a media room/home theater, check out the possibilities:


A perfectly-designed mid-size home theater in Rye, NY. Image: Inner Space Electronics

This home theater in Rye, NY looks like a commercial theater, even down to the lighting and carpet. Lighting is very important in media rooms because you don’t want to trip and fall while walking in a darkened room. The strategically-placed wall lighting provides just enough guidance without affecting picture quality.


Sound quality can make or break your media room. Image: Jennifer Bevan Interiors

If your sound leaves something to be desired, it doesn’t matter how pretty your picture looks. Acoustic panels can help to absorb sounds from adjacent areas and increase sound clarity in the media room. The small tables in this room also provide a convenient place to put food and other items (because you might not want to put that wine bottle in a cup holder).


A monochromatic Los Angeles media room fits the rest of the home’s decor. Image: Bliss HTA

This rustic home theater in Los Angeles features fabric walls (for acoustics) and trim that was custom-blended to match. Sound experts usually advise against hanging pictures or other artwork in glass frames, and these homeowners wisely avoided the sound- and light-reflective issues caused by glass.


A Washington, DC multipurpose media room brings the action to multiple screens. Image: Moss Building and Design

By creating separate entertaining areas, homeowners are able to maximize their options. When not viewing movies, family and friends can watch TV while playing a game of pool or sitting at the bar.

Hollywood glam

A glamorous Houston media room is the ultimate throwback. Image: Thompson Custom Homes

An ode to Hollywood’s Golden Age, this ritzy black and silver media room in Houston combines comfortable theater seating and bar stools. The table is convenient for snacks, and the wall sconces provide just enough lighting when the overhead lights are off.


A comfortable performance theater media room in Philadelphia works for many activities. Image: Media Rooms Inc

This kid-friendly performance theater media room has plenty of comfortable seating. Plus, the stage design allows this family of musicians to perform for their friends. The lids on the multipurpose ottomans can be flipped over to hold drinks and food.

Stage and stage boxes

A dramatic Washington, DC home theater could also work for stage performances. Image: Gramophone

Whether watching a movie or a live performance, this DC metro area home theater is tasteful and elegant while still being fun. In addition to a stage, it also has stage boxes and curtains that can be drawn open or closed.

Theater lobby

This lobby recreates the movie-going experience. Image: Jablonski Associates

Theater lobby

Does every home movie theater or media room need a lobby – equipped with velvet ropes – to ensure that moviegoers present their tickets to gain entrance? Probably not, but it’s definitely a fun touch.

Do these media rooms make you want to bring the movies into your own home? What are some of your favorite home theater designs?