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As years and seasons change, the trends come and go. Oft times when it comes to statement pieces it’s best to find a piece, a pattern or a color that withstands the test of time. One of our favorite accents that seems to be here to stay is the marble trend. After seeing the way marble can completely transform a space, we are beginning to understand what the Romans made all the fuss about. We are absolutely musing over marble.

Renewing its name on the interior decorating scene a few years ago, marble has transformed rooms, making its muted, chic statement in every form, from makeup brush holders to kitchen tables. Even if you’re not looking to re-adorn entire rooms of your home in the immediate future, adding marble accessories can rejuvenate any space in your home.

Several marble planters of the same size add an elegant touch. Image: vesselandvine on Etsy


The neutrality and sleekness of the marble against the live and organic quality of the plants form a harmonious pair. Coming in a variety of colors and metal accents, you can mix and match sizes to match each room’s surroundings. Try varying both the plant sizes and heights as well as the heights and shapes of the marble pots for an interesting display. We love these planters either clustered in various sizes on a side table or all in a row and on display on a window sill.

Here are some of our favorite marble planters:

1.Marble Terracotta Planter 2.Kai Faux Mable Planters 3.Marble Pot Planter 4.Marble Kitchen Utencil Holder 5.Bloomingville Pot Planter

Marble trays are durable additions to the kitchen. Image: Damernas Varld


Marble trays are one of the easiest and most versatile options you can indulge in. Trays can be set and used anywhere from the night stand or coffee table to the kitchen. They are sturdy and you won’t run the risk of smudges or feel the need to dust them every three days as you might with glass or mirrored trays. No matter where you decide to set these trays they offer up a clean and cool look while also lending a hand in making everything on and around it look much more organized. By the time you’re done with these, even the collection of remotes you’ve accumulated will look elegant.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite marble trays:

1.Marble Serving Tray 2.French Kitchen Marble Tray 3.Gold and Marble Tray 4.Marble and Brass Cheese Board

Marble kitchen accessories are useful and beautiful. Image: Crate and Barrel

Kitchen accents and utensils

Marble accessories can add the most elegant updates to even the oldest model kitchens. One of the great decorating benefits of marble is that it’s so versatile. It looks just as chic sitting next to a collection of copper pans or stainless steel stove as it does against an outdated ’90s stove in a college apartment. Not to mention the fact that marble is heavy and durable enough to handle the accidental bumps or spills that might occur while creating a culinary masterpiece. Adding little gems here and there like spoon rests or utensil holders will work wonders in updating your cooking space.

Shop our kitchen utensil and accessories round up below:

1.Marble & Acacia Cheese Board 2.Marble Wine Cooler 3.Copper and Marble Cheese Knives 4.Marble Fruit Bowl 5.Marble Bread Box 6.Two Tier Server 7.Marble and Brass Cake Stand 8.Marble Knife Holder

Small touches, such as coasters, add a lot of style. Image: Crate and Barrel


They say that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact in this life. And in the case of marble coasters, “they” would be right. These chic little beauties come in a variety of shapes to match your room’s mood. Whether you prefer things to be classic, octagonal and minimalist, or round and gilded, marble coasters are a simple and cost effective way to amp up any sitting space or living room. The prettiest thing you ever set your prosecco or Moscow mule on; who said coasters had to be all about utility?

Here’s a collection of some of our favorite marble coaster sets:

1.Marble & Wood Coasters 2.Personalized Coasters 3.White Marble Hexagon 4.Thirstystone

Make your marble table the room’s statement piece. Image: @globewest

Marble-topped tables

If skipping the accents and going for the larger statement piece is more your style, a marble-topped coffee table or side table might just be the way to go. Making the decision to buy a statement piece of furniture is sometimes tricky. We’ve all invested in that “piece of the moment” only to cringe over it a year later. One of the benefits of marble is that it’s timeless and versatile. A marble table will remain elegant even if the furniture and walls around it change a time or two.

Here are some beautiful marble topped tables that we found:

1.Pedastal Coffee Table 2.Mid-Century Modern Table 3.Marble Coffee Table 4.Side Accent Table 5.Arrow Table 6.Parsons Dining Table

Adding marble pieces to your home is a modern way to tie each room together and provide instant interior updates to any space. These accents will give your space a special dose of cool as they make subtle statements and tie each room together. From larger furniture to subtle hints, this marble trend is one that we don’t mind having set in stone.