Building a stone house in Toronto and making it look like a fresh modern fortress was the perfect job for Atelier Kastelic Buffey to prove their talent once again. They imagined a residence that would encompass a sense of ease and a feeling of relief being “thoughtfully designed for its quiet integration to the surrounding neighborhood“. A long and narrow lot in the South Hill area of Toronto stands at the base of this modern home. Spacious as you can’t even imagine, the house photographed by James Brittain is not what it first appears to be:

While the house appears modest in scale from the street view, it opens upon entry to 7000 square feet of interior living space for a family of five.”

The retained color palette seems to focus attention on the outdoors, where the colors of nature offer a soothing effect. Here and there, artwork punctuates the spaces. This seems to further accentuate the geometry of each area while putting things into context. And what a context!

“The windows are deeply recessed with large overhangs to reduce heat gain and the soffits are clad in stone as a continuity of the wall material, a technical innovation which enables a stereotomic reading of the design.”

The ground floor consists of a double-height entry foyer with a floating oak stair and sky-light above, open-concept dining, living, kitchen and breakfast areas. A large mud room, walk-in pantry and powder room are concealed behind perimeter walls to maximize the openness of the main space. The second floor incorporates four bedrooms with walk in closets, three bathrooms, a study and a corridor overlooking the entry foyer below.”

Those wood floors must feel amazing to walk on. And the fact that from the kitchen you see both living and dining spaces makes the kitchen the heart of the home. When you have a house as spacious as this one, you might think seriously about turning your cooking space into a TV studio kitchen, like this clever woman did in Romania.