Welcome to a creative loft in Toronto, Canada, that houses an unexpected layout. Designed by Studio AC, this 550 square foot (51 square meter) apartment merges industrial elements in a fun, contemporary manner.

The designers were asked to develop an entertaining and functional studio for a young professional. They planned the space around an eye-catching element, which they call “the bed box.” Curtains, an arched entryway and an elevation change signal the small bedroom and ensure privacy.

“The shell of the unit was comprised of a grey brick that we painted out white to blend seamlessly with the new work bench along the window wall and kitchen island,” the designers said. “The work bench features a long continuous surface that provides flexibility for the clients, whether they are working, displaying art or hosting a party.”

In the kitchen, a dark accent wall adds character to the space. Despite the exposed railings and pipes, the studio displays a warm vibe throughout. This feeling is achieved through wood finishes, dim lighting and an overall playful layout. Photos courtesy of Andrew Snow Photography.