Located in an old harbor canteen on Amsterdam’s artificial island KNSM, this interesting House Like Village is a loft conversion designed by Marc Koehler Architects. It is an exemplary home for those who love re-imagined spaces. An eye-catching bookcase staircase leads up to a mezzanine level that allows this double-height space to be utilized at its full potential. Dealing with an old space that needed a serious re-configuration, architects imagined a home that would contain “a group of small houses inside the house”.

This also explains the name of the home and helps owners enjoy their unusually planned inspiring home that looks like a small village.

We’ve seen historic churches turned into homes or even cement factories re-imagined as residences and now it’s time to see an old canteen turned into a modern home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A space that seemed too high was partitioned to shape a contemporary loft in a very peculiar manner. Volumes inside shape private spaces underneath an open eating, cooking and working space. Beyond large windows, the city reveals itself and natural light is invited inside.

Spreading over 160 square meters, the House Like Village is a loft conversion that can later on be “colonized” by building new volumes as the family expands. Highly functional ans well-planned, this loft conversion is perfect for the family living here. The couple expecting their first child wanted a multi-functional space that you can play with. Working close with the architects, they got maybe more then they bargained for.

Photos by Marcel van der Burg showcase how the spaces were arranged and you can also see the floor plans as you scroll down. The House Like Village is also on our list of 31 Inspiring Mezzanines to Uplift Your Spirit and Increase Square Footage.  See another inspiring and unusual home in Marc Koehler Architects portfolio: the Dune House, half-sunk into a harsh landscape overlooking the North Sea and enjoy the inspiring details!