Summer should be the season for enjoying your yard, but for many homeowners, tending to a lawn is as time- and labor-intensive as a part-time job. Granted, it’s important to maintain a lush lawn for several reasons. Curb appeal increases your home’s value, and a grass-gone-wild yard nets death stares from your neighbors. However, these six pieces of lawn equipment can make your lawn look great with less effort, so you can spend more time actually enjoying it.

Robotic mowers are a no-hassle solution for automating lawn chores. Image: Lear & Mahoney Landscape Architecture

Robotic lawn mowers

If you want to free up your weekends, a robotic lawn mower may be the answer to your prayers. What’s not to love? It has programmable timers, it can cut grass of different heights and it handles inclines and tight spaces. The built-in sensors stop mowing when it’s raining, restart mowing when the grass dries and alert the mower to head to the charging station when it’s low on energy. Your neighbors might be envious, but don’t worry: Robotic mowers come with anti-theft systems that require a security PIN to operate.

Zero turn mowers are best for large lawns. Image: Tom Howard Garden Design

Zero turn mowers

If you have a large lawn and you don’t want to send out a robot to mow it, you can at least reduce your mowing time with a zero-turn lawn mower. Let’s say you’ve mowed from one end of the lawn to the other. Instead of having to back up, you can just spin 180 degrees. This degree of maneuverability lets you mow around trees and other objects in your yard, and usually there’s no need to come back with a trimmer. Additionally, the speed of a zero-turn lawn mower is typically five to eight miles per hour, compared to just three to four miles per hour for a regular lawn tractor.

Self-propelled mowers are the ultimate energy-saver. Image: The Todd Group

Self-propelled mowers

Sometimes, a lawn mower can provide a good workout. However, if you don’t consider this a perk of cutting the lawn, a self-propelled lawn mower can make your life a lot easier. Even going up and down hills, these mowers don’t require much energy; you’re merely guiding the mower in the direction you want it to go.

Take the time out of watering with smart sprinklers. Image: Pro Green Irrigation

Smart sprinklers

You may already have a sprinkler system that operates on a timer. However, a smart sprinkler system takes data you input (the types of plants or grass in certain zones, how much sunlight those areas receive, etc.) to determine the precise amount of water your lawn needs.

If you’re working toward a green thumb, a garden monitor is an invaluable piece of lawn equipment. Image: The LaurelRock Company

Garden monitors

If you don’t know anything about plants, garden monitors could be the answer. Plant sensors monitor the moisture levels in your plants, in addition to soil nutrition, temperature, light and even movement. The monitor then sends this information to your phone or tablet, along with advice on how to take care of your plants and flowers. If you’re unsure of what to plant, garden monitors have you covered there, too: They can provide recommendations on the best types of plants to grow based on your data.

Lawn paint can transform brown grass into a lush oasis. Image: Milieu Landscaping

Lawn paint

If you’re in a drought-prone area, it may be impossible to achieve the look of a lush lawn. However, you can fake it by spray painting your brown grass a healthy shade of green. Lawn paint is advertised as biodegradable and non-toxic. It typically lasts for at least two months, and it won’t harm you or your pets. This can be a DIY project, but if you lack painting skills, there are also professional companies that can come out and paint your lawn for you.

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