A laundry room is increasing in popularity as a necessary household improvement. The 10 laundry room ideas we share will help create a space that’s organized, up to date and attractive enough to enjoy during laundry chore time.

If you are wondering where the best place to add a laundry room would be, think of convenience first. Set your laundry room up near where dirty laundry would collect, or near the bedrooms where clean laundry gets sent. Some other favorite laundry room locations include near the entry, mud-room adjacent, in the kitchen, in a bathroom or near a closet or dressing area.

Keep in mind that accidental flooding may sometimes happen. Waterproof the flooring below the laundry machine, especially if your laundry room is located on a second floor. Some good ways to waterproof include adding plastic sheeting over the subfloor, building out a shallow pan for the laundry machines to sit on or tiling the laundry floor under the machines.

Another consideration when deciding on a laundry room location is the noise from the machine’s vibrations. Laundry machines that are located on the second floor should be fitted with vibration pads that dampen the noise that occurs when the machine is in motion.

Although a few of our inspirational photos in the gallery are large rooms, a laundry room can be created in a small space or closet. With a little creativity and some planning, a useful, efficient laundry room can be yours.

Here are 10 laundry room ideas that organize, add value and upgrade your space.

1. Choose a Vibrant Laundry Room Color Theme

Make the laundry room workspace bright and cheerful with paint. Paint is an easy, inexpensive upgrade. Choose a color theme that’s bright and uplifts your mood. Some good paint color options are vibrant citrus tones like lime green, yellow or orange. A crisp, bright white is another good option that brightens the room and the mood. Paint your walls or cabinets in the color of your choice.

2. Add Counter Space

Counter space is vital for folding, placing your laundry basket and other items while you work. Create a custom counter look to your laundry room by adding a counter over your side by side washer and dryer.

If you have the square footage, add an island to your laundry room to increase counter space.

3. Add Built-In Cabinetry

For a high end, custom-cabinet look to your laundry room, add kitchen cabinets around your washer and dryer. Choose inexpensive cabinets and upgrade them with contrasting, bright wall colors or wallpaper. Remove builder-grade hardware and replace with custom drawer pulls. A versatile and contemporary drawer pull style is the bar, which can serve as a towel or hanger rack.

If you’re on a budget, visit a restaurant supply shop’s used section. Stainless work tables and shelving would be a good laundry room idea and alternative to built-in cabinets.

4. Mount Your Washer and Dryer Creatively

If you don’t have enough space to keep your washer and dryer side by side, stack them vertically. This is a great way to work with smaller spaces while still having a functional laundry area.

Another creative way to mount your washer and dryer is to mount them off the floor. Raising your washer and dryer make it easier on the back by eliminating the need to bend over to load and unload the washer and dryer. Create a storage area in the space below the washer and dryer. Some washer and dryer manufacturers offer the raised storage unit in the matching appliance finish.

5. Incorporate Plenty of Storage Laundry Room Ideas

Wall cubicles, floating shelves, baskets and clothes bars are all good storage options in a laundry room.

Be sure to add a dirty laundry sorting system to save time when doing laundry. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of three dirty laundry bins for white, light and colors or dark clothing. Asking everyone in the household to sort their own dirty laundry in the proper bin saves time.

6. Upgrade Lighting

Laundry rooms often occupy dark or windowless spaces. Good lighting is of utmost importance. Adding under-cabinet lighting or a large, overhead fixture not only brightens and enlarges the space, good lighting helps you find spots and stains on laundry items to pre-treat before washing. Better yet, add a combination of lighting including canned ceiling lights, pendants and under cabinet lighting like the image above.

Beautiful lighting fixtures are not only practical but also add to the design of a laundry room.

7. Add Accessories That Hide Away

A wall or cabinet mounted drop-down ironing board is a great way to hide clutter. Most designs not only hide the ironing board away, but have enough room to also store the iron itself.

A wall-mounted drying rack is another good option for air drying delicates like lingerie or sweaters.

8. Add Visual Interest to the Walls With Pattern

Besides paint, give your laundry room a modern look by adding visual interest to the walls with pattern and texture. Two great ways to achieve this include:

–Wallpaper. Choose a bold, modern pattern in a moisture resistant, vinyl paper that’s easy to wipe down
–Backsplash. Add a high-end backsplash design to your laundry room. While some of the most beautiful backsplash tile options can be expensive, a smaller laundry room doesn’t require much tile at all

9. Create a Multi-Purpose Laundry Room

If you have limited space, make the laundry room a multi-use room. Some laundry room ideas for a multi-purpose space include:

–A craft room
–A mud room
–A sports equipment storage room
–A household cleaning supplies storage room

10. Convert a Closet Into a Laundry Room

One of the most successful laundry room ideas involve converting a hall, home office or guest room closet into a laundry room.

Add plenty of shelving and be aware of clearances, so doors may close when the laundry room is not in use.

Many of our laundry room ideas are easy to do. Take a look at your laundry area and see how you can upgrade yours to organize and add value to your home. What are your favorite ideas to try?