By day, they are expertly crafted carvings with captivating detail and a rich wood texture. At night, they cast intricate shadows of trees and geometric shapes onto the surrounding walls.

These intricately detailed lamps were created by Pranaya Design, a team of two who designed both the lamps and the laser-cutting technology to produce them. Based in the Czech Republic, the team consists of Josipa, who is responsible for the ideas and design, and Jirka, whose knowledge of laser building and operating brought the project to life.

It took the pair several months to find the correct parts and assemble the laser-cutting machine, and to find the right light source to cast such an intense contrast against the walls.

“Pranaya” is a word they created that represents the Tree of Life. It’s a combination of three Slavic words — prav, nav and yav — representing the leaves, roots and trunk of a tree. The Tree of Life also is symbolized in the company’s logo and designs.

The lamps are created digitally and sent to the machine to be laser cut. They are then stained, glued and varnished by hand. They are available in two series, one with a Tree of Life theme and one featuring geometric designs and symbols.

To learn more about Pranaya Design or buy a lamp for your home, visit the company’s Etsy shop.